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Founded in 2015

  • Albanian


  • Text Chat Room
  • No Registration
  • Albania
Website Name Netedy
Country Albania
Found Date 2015
  • Text Chat Room.
  • No Registration Required.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Several client options to chat with people.
Information: Netedy is providing best IRC clients for chatting with Albanian people on Internet. You can meet new people through this website and make new friends from Albania, Kosovo and those countries where Albanian people immigrated in the past. This is a text chat room and it is getting visitors from Albania only at the moment. To begin to chat, you need to select a client first (The Lounge, Kiwi IRC, Mibbit). The language is Albanian only on the website. So you will need to follow our instructions here. Click on “Chato Tani” button below of client which you selected. Pick a nickname for yourself then and connect to the channel. That is all!
Known Issues None
Traffic from Top 5 Country
  • Albania

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